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2 Digit Multiplication Strategies?

TopTwo digit multiplication involves two Numbers of with two digits, the two digit multiplication is of the form a1a2 * b1b2 where a1 and a2 are the two digits of first number and b1 and b2 are two digits of second number. Two digit multiplications involves addition operations also, Example of two digit multiplication is 23 * 67. To understand the process of multiplication of two digit numbers steps or procedure is shown below -

Step 1) suppose we have a1a2 * b1b2, multiply b2 with a2 first that is b2 * a2, if any carry is generated transfer it to previous digit, and now multiply b2 with a1 that is b2 * a1 and add the carry to result of b2 * a1 and write the result.
Step 2) Now multiply b1 with a2 that gives b1 * a2 if carry is generated transfer it to previous digit, now multiply b1 with a1 which gives us b1 * a1 and add the carry to result of b1 * a1 and write the result and shift the result to left by one place.
Step 3) now add the results of step 1 and step 2.
Step 4) Final Result

Let us take some examples to understand 2 digit multiplication strategies-
Example 1) 25 * 44, steps for this multiplication are shown below-

Carry= 2
* 44


Step 1) Multiply 4 with 5 which gives us 20, so 2 will go as carry, so 0 is result.
Step 2) Multiply 4 with 2 which gives 8 and add 2 so result is 100.
Step 3) Follow same procedure for previous digit.
Step 4) Now add results we 1100, which is our final result.

So two digit multiplication is similar to single digit multiplication, we multiply digits in each step and finally add results of those multiplications which is our final answer.