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Converting Fractions to Percents

All fractions are the Numbers which are written in form of numerator divided by the denominator i.e, $\frac{a}{b}$. Here we have 'a' as the numerator and 'b' as the denominator. In order to write any fraction as a percent we will first define a percent. It means per hundred or sometimes we say that the word percent represent out of 100, case we need to talk about the term percent, we say the number must have the denominator as 100. Now suppose we are given 30 percent, it only means 30 out of 100 or we can also write it as 30%.

Here, we will learn about how to convert a fraction to a percent. To convert fraction to percent, the first requirement is to have the denominator as 100. For converting Fractions to percents, if the denominator is not 100, then we simply multiply the numerator and the denominator with some of the number, so that the fraction becomes with the denominator 100 and thus we are able to express the fraction in form of Percentage.

Converting a fraction to a percent can be explained by some examples:

Example 1:
Convert the fraction $\frac{3}{5}$ into percent.
= $\frac{60}{100}$
= 60%

Example 2:
Convert the fraction $\frac{1}{4}$ into percent.
= $\frac{25}{100}$
= 25%