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Dividing Whole Numbers


Division of whole Numbers is related to equal distribution of the objects in any number of parts. If done for smaller whole numbers, we can do it with repeated subtraction method. In the case of larger numbers, we need to use the method of Long Division, for which we need to remember the tables of the whole numbers.

There are certain rules which if remembered will make the process of division easier or dividing whole numbers easier.

  1. Division of a number by 1: For dividing Whole Number by 1, we must remember that the result is always the dividend .
  2. Division of a number by 0: whenever 0 is divided by any whole number , the result is always 0.
  3. Remember that when ever any even number is divided by 2 the remainder is always 0 and when any odd number is divided by 2 the remainder is always 1.
  4. To verify the division , we must remember the formula: Dividend = Quotient x Divisor + Remainder. If the LHS = RHS, it means that the calculations done for the division are correct.
Whole number division can be explained by an example:
Division of Whole Numbers