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How to Calculate a Ratio Between Two Numbers?

TopWe can define Ratio of two Numbers or two values by inserting a colon (:) between the values. For Example: We can define ratio of number 2 and 8 as 2 : 8. Ratio of two numbers is used to define the relationship of two numbers. Now let us see how to calculate a ratio between two numbers:

Step 1: We require two numbers at least. We have to find out the ratio of these two numbers. In order to find out the ratio of two numbers we will divide both numbers by the left value of colon. For instance in 2 : 8 we will divide both values by 2, ratio will be 1 : 4. We must remember that we should divide both values equally. Maintain the ratio. If ratio is not even then simplify further.

Step 2: Let us take an example to understand uneven ratio. When we have to find the ratio of number 40:50 then ratio will be 1: 1. 25. This is an uneven ratio, so we have to simplify this. For this we will remove the decimal and place zero after numerator. So ratio will be 100: 125.

Step 3: In order to get proper ratio of two numbers we have to divide both numbers till we get last common factor of these numbers. For Example: We will divide 10: 2 by 2 and we will get ratio 5: 1. But we cannot divide it further because there is no common factor is left. So this is the method to calculate the proper ratio of two numbers by finding the common factor.