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How to Calculate Ratio and Proportion?

TopRatio can be defined as a relationship or comparison between any two Numbers of same kind usually expressed as “x to y “or as x:y. A Ratio represents how much a thing exists with respect to the other thing. Suppose there are 5 chocolates for every 1 student. Then the ratio of chocolates to the student would be 5 : 1 and the ratio of student to the chocolates would be 1 : 5.
Thus, the above example explains how to calculate ratio and proportion? A ratio is defined as the comparison of two numbers. The two numbers in the ratio are represented using a separator that is colon (:). Suppose we want to write the ratio of 8 and 12. It can be written as 8:12.
We can daily see the live examples of ratio like increasing ratio of business class against service class, Discriminating ratio of rich to the poor, sex ratio that is the ratio of girl child to boy child and many more.For instance suppose jack has a bag with 3 chocolates, 4 marbles, 7 books and 1 orange and we need to find the ratio of books to the marbles and ratio of chocolates to the total number of items in the bag and since number of books = 7 and Number of marbles= 4.
Therefore, ratio of books to the marble is 7:4 or 7/4.
Numberof chocolates is 3
Total numbers of items are 3 + 4 + 7 + 1 that is 15. Therefore, ratio is 3:15 or 1:5.
A Proportion is an equation with a ratio on each side. It is a statement that two ratios are equal.
As 3/4 = 6/8 . This is an example of proportion.
When one of the four numbers in a proportion is unknown, cross product may be used to find the unknown number. This is called solving the proportion. Question marks or letters are usually used in place of unknown number.
Let’s understand it using an example as we want to determine value of ‘n’ for the equation 1/2 = n/4?
Using cross product we can solve this as:
2*n= 1*4 Dividing 4 by 2 we get n is equals to 2.
Thus the above example solves the proportion of equation.