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How to Round Mixed Numbers?

TopFractions can be classified as proper fraction, improper Fractions and mixed Numbers, by mixed numbers we Mean numbers which can be expressed in Combination of whole numbers and proper fraction numbers.
Now lets see how to round mixed numbers. We know that mixed number exist between whole part of number and its successor, we will check that fraction part of mixed number exists in first half or next half. If it exists in first half, then whole part of number is the answer else successor of whole part is the desired result of the number, which is the round off of original mixed number.
It will be more clear by following examples :
To round off mixed number 3 1/5, we will first separate the fraction part i.e. 1/5. Now we know that fraction 1/5 is less than ½, so number will be rounded off to 3 only. Now we will take another fraction number say 5 3/5. So here fraction part is 3/5, which is greater than ½.
It means that round off of above given number is its successor, i.e. 5 + 1 = 6.
We conclude that number will be rounded to its nearest Whole Number, which can also be done by converting the fraction number to its decimal number and thus we check that if decimal part of fraction number is less than or equals to .5 or greater than .5. In case we come across first situation, fraction part is omitted and in other situation number becomes whole number + 1.