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How to Solve Equations with Rational Numbers?

TopSolving Rational Numbers is very easy task, but sometimes you get confused that how to solve Equations with Rational Numbers. Rational numbers are always in form of p/q, and dealing with them is very simple. Many students ask How to Solve Equations with rational number; here I will explain you the way of solving rational problems. When you have  to add two numbers we can simply add them, but when we have to add rational number, we have to follow a Set of rules given as:
1.Find lcm(least  common  multiple) of denominators  in given equation.  
2. Find equivalent fraction form.
3. Add the numerator and we get the answer. 

Let’s see how to apply these rules, suppose we have an equation: 

x/2  +  y/4 =?
First of all take LCM of denominator i.e.  2 and 4, then we simplify numerator, 
  (2x + y)/4 this is final result of equation which have addition.    

If you have to perform subtraction operation on rational number,   
1. Find LCM of denominators in equation.
2. Find equivalent fraction form.
3. Subtract numerators.
4. Find  results.
Like we  have  an  equation   -

p/12 - q/24 = ?

First  of  all  we  take  l c m  of  12  and  24  and  we  get  24   and  then  we  simplify  numerator.
(2p  -   q)/24    after  subtracting   q  by  2p ,  we  get  final  result  of  equation  .
Multiplication  on  rational  number  ;   We  use  these   steps  to   solve  multiplication  operation   on   rational   number-
1.Multiply  the  numerators.
2. Multiply the denominators.
3. Finally we get result.
Like we  have  an  equation     a/2 * b/4 = ?
 then  first  of  all  we  multiply  numerator  with  numerator  then  we  multiply  denominator  with  denominator  and  finally  we  get  result- ab/8

Division  of   rational  numbers; we  use  following  steps  to  perform divisibility  on rational  numbers-
1.Change  fractions  on  second  rational  number  like  numerator is replace by denominator  and  denominator  of  second  rational  number  is  replace  by  numerator.
2. Change the sign with * means division is replace by multiplication.
3. Perform multiplication task on equation.
4. Find result of equation.
Like we have equation- 2/12 %  8/24 = ?
first  of  all  we  change  second  rational  number  as   24   
then  change   sign   with  multiply ( * )  and  perform  task-                                        
2/12 * 24/8 = ½ finally  we  get  result ½.