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Is 22.7 a Rational Number?


In today's class we all are going to discuss about one of the most frequently asked question- is 22.7 a rational number or not. So, from the Definition of Rational Number a rational number is one which can be expressed as fraction or can be expressed exactly as the form a/b where a and b are integers or whole numbers and b is not zero. Generally, rational numbers are come under two categories. One is a rational number which has a Terminating Decimal and other one is which has repeating decimal.

From these definitions of Rational Numbers we can find is 22.7 a rational number or not. The number 22.7 is a decimal number and its fraction is equal to 227/10 in the form of a/b. Here a=227 and b=10 both are integers and b=10 is a nonzero number. If this number cannot be expressed exactly as the form a/b, than this number called irrational number. But in this case the fraction of 22.7 is exactly expressed. So, from the above discussion of rational numbers it is clear that the given number that is 22.7(227/10) fulfill the rational number condition so that the given number is a rational number. In next class I am going to discuss about other examples of rational numbers.