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Is 8 a Rational Number?


Let's have a brief discussion on the rational number concepts and also check some examples that whether they are Rational Numbers or not . Before moving further let us have an brief intro to the rational numbers. Rational numbers are simply the Combination of two numbers in the form of ratio. Or some way other we can say the same as Rational numbers are the simplified integers ratio . Let us have some examples on the rational numbers . Following are some rational number examples : - 11 / 7 1 / 3 2 / 11 2 / 9 17 / 11 All of the above examples are of rational numbers. Let us now take the example of number 8. Since 8 is an Integer, it can be transformed as a Ratio of two integers that is 8 / 1 16 / 2 24 / 3 Since 8 can be re-written as the ratio of two integers, there for 8 is an rational number. Our query is that is 8 a rational number or not, so finally after all above discussion we conclude that 8 is a rational number.