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Multiplication of Whole Numbers


Whole numbers are same as the counting Numbers starting from 1, 2 , 3 , 4 , 5… and they includes 0 too. Product of any two whole numbers is always Whole Number which is called as Closure property of multiplication of whole numbers. The number which is multiplied is called as a factor and the result is called as a product.

To multiply two whole numbers, first write the numbers below each other and align the same units i.e align the units, ones, and hundred under one another. Then start multiplying the numbers. Start with right end digit of the whole number then multiply every column. Rule for multiplication is that when product of any column is equal to or less than 9 , then write it directly , but when it is greater than 9 , then we have to write the ones digit number and carry the tens digit to the next column.

Multiplication of whole number can be explained by an example:

Multiplication of Whole Number

The product 110 is also a whole number and thus it proves the closure property.