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Properties of Decimals

Numbers can be of many forms, decimal number is one of such forms. In Math Decimals holds a very important Position. Numbers which contain decimal Point are known as Decimal Numbers. All whole Numbers are decimal numbers but all decimal numbers are not whole numbers. Only some part of Decimal number is called as Whole Number. Digits on left side of decimal number forms an Integer number and digits on right side of decimal forms a fraction number.

One of the property of decimal number is that the decimal number can be separated into an Integer part and a fractional part. The number on the left of the decimal Point are made integer part and the number on the right of decimal point are made fractional part.
Properties of Decimals
Similarly, adding the integer part and the fraction part we get the decimal number. Also, if we expand the number on both side by 0 i.e, .........000000000000178.66000000..................... the zeroes on the left side of the number are known as the 'Leading Zeroes' and the zeroes to the right side of the number is known as the 'Trailing Zeroes'.

Another property of decimals is that if we multiply a decimal number with the 10x, the decimal point moves 'x' place to the right of the number.
178.66 * 10 2 = 17866

178.66 * 10 1 = 1786.6
The decimal number can also be summed as,

1 * 10 2 + 7 * 10 1 + 8 * 10 0 + 6 * 10 -1 + 6 * 10 -2 = 178.66