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Rational Numbers Questions

TopFor solving Rational Numbers questions you must have the knowledge of basics of rational number, it’s very easy to solve this type of problem you just need to have little knowledge of Fractions, we can perform many Operations on Rational Numbers like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. it’s very simple to do any operation with rational numbers. Now we will see an example how we can subtract two rational numbers.

Subtract 3/7 - 3/8?

For the subtraction of these two quantities we just need to equalize the denominator first then we have to subtract them. We don’t need to do any application with the numerator. For equalizing the denominator we need to fallow some specific rules:

We have to multiply both the denominator and numerator with the same Integer so the value of fraction doesn’t change and we have to multiply the integer in a manner so that the value of both the denominator will be same or for simplification you can multiply the first value by denominator of second and second value with the denominator of first. Now let’s see how to multiply 3*8/7*8 – 3*7/8*7 4 the denominator of first number is 7 and we have multiply it on both the numerator and denominator. The denominator of second number is 8 and we have multiplied it on both the numerator and denominator. Now the result will be:

= 24/56 -21/56.

Now it’s very easy we just have to subtract the numerator, denominator remains the same, so required answer will be:

= 3/56.

You can also solve this problem by taking the LCM of the denominator. For the above question LCM of 7, 8 will be 56 as 56 is the smallest number which is divisible by 7 and 8. This is the very simple example of subtraction in the same way we can perform addition, multiplication and division also.