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How to Find Sample Mean?

TopSample data is collected from different sources and then the processing is done on it as per need. Here we will learn how to find the sample Mean for collected data.

Term 'Mean' means that raw data is collected and sum of raw data is collected and then total is divided by total number of readings. Let us learn How To Find Sample Mean. If we collect data of ages of 50 students in a class, we say that ages of students is collected and added up.
Now sum will be divided by number of students. Result so attained will be called as mean of given data. Mean is also called as Average of data.
So we write Mean = Sum of the Data items / number of the Data values.
Suppose we say that the marks of the 10 students in mathematics are as follows: 35, 50, 45, 49, 20, 42, 40, 30, 35, 50
So to find the mean first we will find the sum of the data which is written as follows:
35 + 50 + 45 + 49 + 20 + 42 + 40 + 30 + 35 + 50 = 396
So we will find the mean = sum of the marks of 10 students / number of students
= 396 / 10
= 39.6 is the mean of the marks of the students in a class
In same way we can calculate mean or average of different data like average height of students in a class, average income of employees in a company, average savings of a person in a month if savings of all 12 months by a person is given. Thus mean helps us to get estimated value or we call it average representative of given data.