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How to Solve for Pie?

Topπ (pie) is a constant which is given as Ratio of circumference to Diameter of a Circle. Circumference is circular length and diameter is twice of Radius of Circle. Constant pi (π) is approximately equals to 3.14159 (22 / 7). 'π' is is never a root of any non-zero polynomial that is 'pi' is a transcendental number. Constant pi (π) is required to calculate various parameters such as area, volume, circumference etc. of a circle. Determination of circumference can be done by multiplying pi (π) by diameter and to determine the area, pi (π) is multiplied with Square of the radius. Let’s discuss how to solve for pie.
We know that volume of Sphere is given as:

V = (4 / 3) π r2 h.
Here constant pi (π) can be calculated by rearranging the given equation:
π r2 h = 3 V / 4,
Thus π = 3 V / 4 r2 h.

Standard values of all parameters in above formula gives the value of pi (π) which will be approximately equals to 3.14.
Constant 'π' is also equals to 180º in Trigonometry. It is widely used in defining various trigonometric Functions.
If we write, sin (3π / 2), it represents sin (3 * 180º / 2) = sin (270º).