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Graphs are the best way to show the relationship between two variables. The frequency distribution graphs are frequency graphs and are used to define the characteristic which is more trust worthy than the tabulated form or other source. This frequency distribution graph helps us in finding the comparison between the continuous and discrete data.

There are four types of frequency distributive graphs namely histogram, frequency polygon, frequency curves and ogive graph.


Basically, ‘ogive’ is a term that is used to describe the curves and curved shapes. ‘ogive’ can be defined as a distribution curve in which the values of frequencies are cumulative. An ‘ogive’ are named as cumulative line graph, beneficial to use when one needs to display the total data at any given time. The increment or decrements are denoted by the relative slopes of any graph. But, it cannot be considered as an ideal parameter to show the comparisons between the different categories of graphs.

An ‘ogive’ simply combines the values in each category. If we need to display the periodical combination of a total and individual values, then to represent this track with the help of an ‘Ogive’ would be the best alternate.

An ‘ogive’ can be defined as the graph that shows the series of cumulative frequency distribution. The data represented by an ‘ogive’ are either low or greater to a particular value. Therefore, the complete configuration of an ‘ogive’ curve would be either less than or greater than the given ‘ogive’.

There are two methods that are used for cumulating a series or we can say that there are two parts in which an ogive graph can be classified with. As explained above, first one is the less than cumulative series and the second one is greater than cumulative series. By this, ogive graph could be maintained and drawn.

Ogive Definition

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An Ogive is a round shaped graph, in which the ends of the shape can be two dimensional or three dimensional. The cumulative frequency curve is the other name of ogive curve. The shape of ogive is pointed and curved and the ogives are used in making the bullets or other projectiles.

Ogive is used in projectiles. It is also used to find the median of frequency distribution.

Some algorithms are there which help us to understand ogives definition as follows:

Algorithm 1:

Step 1: First, draw two types of frequency curves on the graph paper.
Step 2: Now, put $\frac{M}{2}$, where the value of M is $M = \sum gi$ and put the other point on the y-axis direction of a graph.
Step 3: Then, we draw a line which is parallel to x-axis, from the point which we have taken in the step 2 and cut the cumulative frequency curve at a point N (say).
Step 4: Then, we draw a perpendicular NM from ‘N’ on the X-axis direction. The x- coordinate of point ‘M’ gives the median.

Algorithm 2:

Step 1: First, we draw less than type or more than type cumulative frequency curves on the graph paper.

Step 2: Then, put the point of intersection of the two curves which is drawn in step 1. Let this point be ‘M’.
Step 3: Then, draw a perpendicular NM from N on the X-axis direction. The x- coordinate of point ‘M’ gives the median of the graph.