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Scales of Measurement


Scales measurements generally used for qualifying and/or variable categorize. There are commonly used scales measurements in statistics analysis. 
Properties of Measurement Scales

1) Every scale measurement should satisfies any one or more then one below mentioned properties. 

2) In scale measurement each value is unique which called identity.

3) All values of scale measurement have ordered relationship with each other( like larger and smaller). It is called magnitude. 

4) All scale unites are equal to each other along with the scale.(like if the difference of 2 and 3 is 1 then the difference of 15 and 16 would be 1). This is called equal intervals.

5) The minimum value of scale measurement is 0. Less than zero values are not exist. 

Different Scales of Measurement

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The different scales of measurement are as follows,

1) Nominal Scales measurements.
2) Ordinal Scales measurements.
3) Interval Scales measurements.
4) Ratio Scales measurements. 

This classification or different types of scales measurement are found by "Psychologist Stanley Smith Stevens". 

Ordinal Scale of Measurement

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The property of rank and order are used in ordinary scale. This scale is precise that other scales. The set of ranking variables are used in ordinary scales. The posses of ordinary properties also make use of magnitude and identity properties. In this process all the values has a unique meaning. 

 Let a data in the form of low, medium, high or something similar. Let a school has ordinary class vies rank of each student. Here ordinary scale used to assign rank.      

Ratio Scale of Measurement

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Here we are going to learn about ratio scale measurement. Properties of Ratio scale measurement are same as interval scale. These variable have a non arbitrary 0 value. Having a non arbitrary zero value is a unique properties of all the scale measurement. The ratio scale does not have any negative values because is has zero point. This scale has all the properties of identity, equal interval and magnitude. It is also have minimum zero value properties. 

Interval Scale of Measurement

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The properties of Interval scale are same as ratio scale expect minimum zero value property. In this scale the distance of categories and data points are compared to each other. The rank character of interval scale is same as the ordinal scale. To show the interval scale the interval should be the same. A clock is the perfect example of interval scale measurement.

Scales of Measurement Examples

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Below find the examples of Nominal Scale of Measurement. 

1) Any disease symptoms.

2) Patterns of any behavioural.

3) Any persons names.

4) Persons nationality.
Below find the examples of Ordinal Scale of Measurement. 

1) Classes ranking system.

2) Status of socio-economic.

3) Athletics rank.

4) Viewing political system. 
Below find the examples of Interval Scale of Measurement. 

1) IQ test score.

2) Reading Fahrenheit scale on thermometer.
Below find the examples of Ratio Scale of Measurement. 

1) Speed of driving.

2) Weight measurements.

3) Counting time of task completion.

4) Counting error in numbers for certain time period.