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What are Coefficients in Math?

TopCoefficient can be defined as the product of variables in a given expression. Normally, coefficients are Numbers with variables. Coefficients can be both positive and negative and may also be zero. We have to add or subtract the coefficients in like terms whenever adding or subtracting Polynomials.
Coefficient can also be defined as multiplicative factor in an expression. For instance, consider the following example to understand that what are coefficients in Math?
3 y2 + 5 y + 4,

In above expression, 'y' is known as variable and term 3, 5 and 4 are known as coefficients. Variable in the last term is raised to the power zero (y0 = 1). So coefficient can also be called as the constant coefficient or constant term for given expression. So generally the coefficients of a polynomial can be given as:
A n y n + …. + A1 y1 + A0 for Integer 'n' where A n… A1, A0 are known as coefficients.

Coefficient with highest degree variable is called as leading coefficient and it is A n in the given polynomial. Binomial coefficients are used in binomial theorem.

5 y – 3 has 5 as coefficient of linear term 5 y and 3xy2 - 7z has 3 and - 7 as coefficients of first and second terms respectively. Coefficients are normally dimensionless since they are constant values but sometimes they may have unit also. For instance, damping factor is also known as viscous damping coefficient whose unit is Newton - seconds per meter (N Second / Meter). Viscous damping coefficient is used to relate a damping force with velocity of the body.