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What Does a Bar Graph Show?

TopA Bar Graph is a graph which contains bars of different heights graphical display of data. It is also called as bar chart with rectangular lengths proportional to the represented values. The bar graphs can be plotted or represented vertically as well as horizontally; vertical bar chart is sometimes called column bar chart and horizontal bar chart is also called as row bar chart. Now we will see what does a bar graph show. With the help of bar graph we can show the relative sizes of many things such as which types of movie are most liked and least liked, what types of car people have and so on. It also compares the group of data and makes generalizations about whole data in very small time. For understanding bar graph we must know about its two axes like labels or scale, graph title and most important is the axis.
Bar graphs are very useful for recording different information’s whether it is continuous or discontinuous. It can also provide the visual representation of categorical data in which data is divided by its category. In bar graph, heights of bars gives us information about specific data and shows the combined result of groups.
Bar graphs can be plotted by four types of example: vertical bar graph, horizontal bar graph both which are discussed above and last two are grouped bar graph or stack bar graph. Stack bar graph is a part of graph which is used to compare the parts with respect to whole. Grouped bar graph is that graph in which it represents a particular grouping like business owner with two stores makes a group chart.