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How to Construct a 30 Degree Angle Without a Protractor?

TopDrawing an angle with the help of protractor is quite easy. Here we will learn to draw angle without using a protractor, we will draw it using compass and ruler. Let us see how to construct a 30 degree angle without a protractor.

Step 1: We need compass and ruler for drawing angle.

Step 2: Take a paper and draw a straight line using a ruler. This line can be of any length. We name end points of this line as p and q.

Step 3: Place the Point of compass on line point p. Draw an arc from point p. This arc should cross the line pq, point where arc crosses the line pq is named as point s.

Step 4: Remember that width of compass should not be changed during whole process. Now put the point of compass at the point 's'. We will draw an arc that should cross the previous arc made by point 'p'. Point where this arc cuts the previous arc, is named as point 't'.

Step 5: Draw another arc from point 't', make sure that width of compass remains same. Draw an arc from point 't', this arc
should cross the arc made by point 's'. Name this point as 'r'.

Step 6: Draw a Straight Line from point 'r' to point 'p'. Angle 'qpr' represent angle of 30 degree.